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Recital to honour Argentine piano prodigy Ginastera

Sala Sudasiri Sobha on Lat Phrao 41 presents "An Ode To Ginastera By Atsuko Seta", an afternoon piano recital, on Sunday at 4pm.

Held to mark the 40th anniversary of the death of the iconic Argentine composer Alberto Ginastera, the musical tribute will feature his famous piano pieces that have left an indelible mark on the world of music.

Promised to be fiery, exciting, fun, sad, melancholic and sweet, the repertoire will include Danzas Argentinas Op 2; Milonga Op 3; Malambo Op 7; Preludios Americanos Op 12 No. 3-6; Suite De Danzas Criollas Op 15; Piano Sonata No.1 Op 22; and Estansia Ballet Suite.

Taking the audience on a musical journey dedicated solely to the electrifying Argentinian music will be Atsuko Seta, a Japanese pianist who studied with Ginastera’s close friend and amazing pianist Eduardo Delgado.

She has developed a fascination towards Ginastera’s music as well as absorbing the touch of his fiery music. She has performed an all Ginastera programme before. It was so successful that she was subsequently invited to perform at world-class venues like the Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Atsuko is currently artistic director of the Chiangmai Ginastera International Music Festival, an honorary professor of Payap University and also an honorary chairman of the Japan Ginastera Association.

Tickets cost 1,000 baht (500 baht for students) and can be purchased from

Email or call 063-441-0005.

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