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Outstanding gadgets of 2023

In 2023, many companies restarted their production lines after enduring a long period of lockdowns. As a result, many wacky and useful gadgets emerged in the market once again. We are sure many of these gadgets will make great gifts for your loved ones (or yourself) and all can be bought in Thailand.

TP-Link Tapo P105 Mini Smart Wi-Fi Plug.

1. TP-Link Tapo P105 Mini Smart Wi-Fi Plug

Most houses in Thailand are still not “smart” yet. This plug will easily transform any of your “dumb” electric sockets into a smart one that can be controlled via your phone. You can even schedule the plug to turn off or make it turn off when you leave the house. baht

OLIGHT imini 2 Rechargeable Mini Flashlight.

2. OLIGHT imini 2 Rechargeable Mini Flashlight

I know many people use their phones as flashlights, but having a proper mini flashlight that you can easily carry around is a good thing, especially ones that are as small as your pinky fingers, can be recharged via USB and can be attached magnetically to metal surfaces. baht

Asus ROG Ally.

3. Asus ROG Ally

This handheld console lets you play PC games on-the-go at relatively high settings for 1.5 hours. It comes with Windows 11, a 3.3GHz CPU, 16GB of RAM and 512GB internal storage, which means that it’s as fast (or even faster) and as capable as your current PC and can be connected to a screen, mouse and keyboard for use as a work station as well.,990 baht



Music enthusiasts planning festive gatherings will appreciate LG XBOOM speakers. Models XL7 and XL5 offer powerful sounds with deep bass and crystal-clear high notes. Controlled via the LG XBOOM app, these speakers guarantee an enhanced audio experience for singing, listening and dancing.,900 baht

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5.

5. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

This made phones fashionable again in 2023. It comes with a large front screen, has an OS baked in, and is foldable while being relatively affordable.,900 baht

Bose Frames Alto Smart Audio Sunglasses.

6. Bose Frames Alto Smart Audio Sunglasses

Need to listen to Bose-quality level music while looking cool bathing in Thailand’s blazing sunlight? These sunglasses will protect your eyes while also providing you with great quality 360-degree surround sound.,300 baht

Neon Glasses.

7. Neon Glasses

Maybe the best accessory to make you stand out from the crowd this New Year. Putting this on will make you “shine” like a character from Tron. I’m sure your friends will be impressed. baht

Divoom Timebox Evo Bluetooth speaker.

8. Divoom Timebox Evo Bluetooth speaker

This nifty Bluetooth speaker also doubles as a programmable LED display, a digital clock and a thermometer, which makes it a great gift for young ones that like flashy lights and music to accompany them wherever they go.,390 baht

Self-stirring mug.

9. Self-stirring mug

Too lazy to continuously stir your coffee? This self-stirring mug will be the best gadget you can get. baht

Stormtrooper Voice Changer Helmet.

10. Stormtrooper Voice Changer Helmet

Star Wars fans will love this cool plastic helmet that changes your voice to resemble a stormtrooper.,500 baht

Anker 737 Power Bank 24,000mAh.

11. Anker 737 Power Bank 24,000mAh

Compared to the previous power bank recommendation, this one is a monster at 24,000mAh, which means that you can charge your phone around five times without the need to recharge the power bank. It’s so powerful that it can charge three devices, laptops included, simultaneously and has a digital screen to indicate the charges it’s giving and what’s left as well.,900 baht

Nintendo Switch OLED Mario Red Edition.

12. Nintendo Switch Mario Red Edition

Even though newer and way more powerful handheld consoles came out in 2023, this seven-year-old console (with a shiny new coat of paint) still has its charm, battery life that trumps the competition, and plenty of games worth playing that will keep you busy for years to come.,990 baht

Moov PB02 5000mAh Mini Power bank.

13. Moov PB02 5,000mAh Mini Power bank

Sometimes, lugging a large power bank may be a chore and overkill for most scenarios for a lot of people. Having a tiny one like this may be a better option. The downside is that this tiny thing can hold charges that can fill your phone’s battery from empty to full only once per charge, but that may be just what we need.,799 baht

Sony PlayStation 5 Slim Gaming Console.

14. Sony PlayStation 5 Slim Gaming Console

2023 was the year that gamers (with enough money) could finally get their hands on the most powerful gaming console on the market, to date. PlayStation 5 also has dozens of AAA games for you to sink hours into now as opposed to a year ago.,490 baht

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go USB type-C & type-A 512 GB.

15. SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go USB type-C & type-A 512GB

Having a thumb drive to keep or transfer files from your PC and your phone is something very useful to have even in 2023. Transferring files wirelessly is, many times, not the best option or even available in Thailand.,490 baht

LED shoelaces.

16. LED shoelaces

Earlier on this list, we suggested a set of neon glasses. Why not go the extra mile by adding more oomph to your party attire by adding RGB lights on your shoes too. baht

Household Laser Scissors.

17. Household Laser Scissors

These scissors feature a built-in laser that projects a thin line onto the material you’re cutting to help you achieve precise and straight cuts, particularly when working with fabrics, paper and other materials. This line serves as a visual guide to align your blade and ensure straight cuts. baht

Logitech MX Master 3S Performance Wireless Mouse.

18. Logitech MX Master 3S Performance Wireless Mouse

This mouse is still considered by most people who praise it as one of the best for productivity. It has great ergonomics, infinite smooth scroll wheel feeling, plenty of programmable buttons, and world-class mouse tracking tech.,699 baht

Lenovo Yoga Book 9.

19. Lenovo Yoga Book 9

A unique 2-in-1 laptop. It has a lot of features that make it stand out from the competition, such as its dual OLED touchscreens, a clamshell design that folds flat and makes it portable, weight of just 0.8kg — making it one of the lightest on the market — and a haptic keyboard.,990 baht

Note: The ranking is not in a particular order.

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