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Elevate with the 'Eletre'

Lotus has introduced the Eletre, the brand's first all-electric SUV, for the Thai market, with first deliveries scheduled for early 2024.

The base model features a 603-horsepower electric drive unit with 719Nm of torque capable of propelling the Eletre from 0-100kph in 4.5 seconds, while the 112kWh battery, which can be charged from 10-80% in just 20 minutes, provides a range of up to 600km. The Eletre R, on the other hand, boasts 905 horsepower and 985Nm from two electric motors and goes from 0-100kph in under three seconds, although the range is reduced to 490kms. Top speed ranges from 258kps for the Eletra to 265kph for the Eletre R.

The instant torque and all-wheel drive traction delivered by the two electric motors, together with active air suspension, also allows the Eletre to go off-road and tow up to 2,250kg.

The Eletre features sophisticated multi-link suspension systems front and rear, with components made from lightweight aluminium.

Dual-chamber air springs are fitted as standard across the Eletre range, enabling independent control of ride height and stiffness. In addition to comfort and refinement, the active air suspension also provides speed-dependent lowering of the car by up to 25mm to reduce drag and therefore improve range. It can also increase ride height by between 15mm and 25mm to enhance off-highway capability.

The standard specification of the Eletre R also includes the Lotus Dynamic Handling Pack, Carbon Fibre Pack, gloss black wheels, stainless steel sports pedals, black badging and high-performance tyres.

Apart from ADAS package, there’s also a 29-inch head-up display with semi-augmented reality that can overlay contextual graphics onto the view ahead to help the driver keep their eyes on the road.

Lotus Eletre. Lotus

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