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Smart ID Group launches portable EV charger

Smart ID Group, a leading manufacturer of electronic devices under the Anitech brand, has launched the first portable electric vehicle (EV) charger produced in Thailand to cash in on the market potential.

The Anitech EV-One offers EV users a high-quality product that has received Thai Industrial Standards certification, while the company has 18 years of experience in the consumer electronics market, said founder and chief executive Thomas Hongpakdee.

He said the local and global EV markets, which include battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), continue to grow with one projection suggesting global sales will reach 15 million units this year and 17.9 million units in 2024.

In Thailand, BEV and PHEV sales account for 59.2% of total EV sales in the Asean region.

Mr Thomas said the company spent over one year and a utilised a budget of over 5 million baht to develop this latest Anitech product line that caters to EV owners by offering high quality products and after-sales services to seize the growth opportunity in the EV market.

The company is aiming for sales of over 1,000 units of the Anitech EV-One charger in 2023, followed by continuous growth in subsequent years by marketing it to EV owners as well as EV manufacturers that have production and assembly operations in Thailand, Mr Thomas said.

The Anitech EV-One has a Type 2 charger head with four adjustable power current settings. Mr Thomas said the Anitech EV-One is priced at 12,990 baht. The company offers a one year warranty on the product as well as an after-sales service and assistance throughout the life of the product.

The company plans to launch over 150 new products in total this year which would result in a range of over 1,000 Anitech products in the market.

The company will focus on electronics and computer equipment next year by launching over new 200 products to cater to various consumer needs, Mr Thomas said.

The company will pay special attention to green technology in line with the global trend. It is expected to unveil a number of products based on green technology, including the Anitech EV-One V2L early next year, he said.

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