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Homelifearts-and-entertainmentNew releases for your streaming pleasure: Dec 6-12

New releases for your streaming pleasure: Dec 6-12

Looking for a title to binge-watch this weekend? Here's our pick!



Premieres on Dec 6

During a three-day Christmas celebration, Princess Diana struggles to find her place in the royal family and make peace with her husband’s affair.

Blood Coast

Premieres on Dec 6

As a vicious drug dealer tries to overtake Marseille, a rogue police captain and his daredevil team welcome a new recruit with an agenda of her own.

Christmas As Usual

Premieres on Dec 6

To celebrate their engagement, Thea takes Jashan home — but his Indian roots and her family’s Norwegian traditions clash in a chaotic Christmas.

Sing 2

Premieres on Dec 6

Buster Moon and his musically gifted friends must persuade the reclusive rock star Clay Calloway to join them for the opening of their new show.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Premieres on Dec 6

Teen Miles Morales teams up with Gwen Stacy on a new adventure, facing sinister foe The Spot and a vast legion of parallel heroes in the Multiverse.

Six In The City

Premieres on Dec 7

After a man’s promising romance ends in disaster, his five buddies come to cheer him up, only for past gripes to foul up their good intentions.

The Archies

Premieres on Dec 7

Set in 1960s India, Archie and the gang navigate romance, friendship and the future of Riverdale as developers threaten to destroy a beloved park.

High Tides

Premieres on Dec 7

Over a tense summer on the Belgian coast, a wealthy friend group faces adulthood’s harsh realities while grappling with love and societal expectations.

My Life With The Walter Boys

Premieres on Dec 7

When a tragedy disrupts her life, a teen moves in with her guardian’s big family in a small town and learns new lessons about love, hope and friendship.

Shameless (US)

Premieres on Dec 7

This dramedy based on a British series centers on siblings in a dysfunctional Chicago family who struggle while coping with their alcoholic father.

Analog Squad

Premieres on Dec 7

After learning of his estranged father’s sickness, a scheming middle-aged man assembles a fake family to reunite with him for one last time.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Premieres on Dec 8

An audit of Evelyn’s laundromat triggers a heroic journey through alternate universes where the only constant is her complicated love for her family.

Leave The World Behind

Premieres on Dec 8

A family’s getaway to a luxurious rental home takes an ominous turn when a cyberattack knocks out their devices — and two strangers appear at their door.

Under Pressure: The US Women’s World Cup Team

Premieres on Dec 12

In the U.S. Women’s World Cup Team Doc Series, Pressure Is a Privilege. New sports series Under Pressure follows players on an intimate, emotional journey to the 2023 FIFA World Cup.

Kevin Hart & Chris Rock: Headliners Only

Premieres on Dec 12

From back in the day to the top of their game, Kevin Hart and Chris Rock offer an unparalleled, behind-the-scenes look at their friendship and career.

Single’s Inferno: Season 3

Premieres on Dec 12

A new set of singles embark on a journey of love on a remote island — navigating drama, passion and everything in between for a chance at Paradise.


Outdaughtered: Season 6

Premieres on Dec 7

America’s only all-girl quintuplets are growing fast and dialling up the sass. Older sister Blayke confidently heads into her tween years as mom Danielle launches a brick-and-mortar storefront for her business, leaving dad Adam with even more to juggle.


Curse Code

Premiers on Dec 7

“Curse Code”, takes the audience back to the past when a haunted soul comes back for revenge on an ancient family, cursing death to every girl born to this family. Ake (Pachara Chirathivat), the last heir of the elder Brahmin family who ever sealed this haunted soul, has to come back to seal it all with the hidden seal rite. The only way to succeed is to find its grave by solving six mysteries respectively across six landmarks in Bangkok. However, these mysteries have a long way to go as Ake figured that Bangkok is a lot different now than it was 200 years ago.

Merry Little Batman

Premieres on Dec 8

An animated family action comedy destined to join the rogue’s gallery of classic holiday movies. When young Damian Wayne finds himself alone in Wayne Manor on Christmas Eve, he must transform into “Little Batman” in order to defend his home and Gotham City from the crooks and supervillains intent on destroying the holidays.

Your Christmas Or Mine 2

Premieres on Dec 8

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… but will it be for James and Hayley? James’ father has invited the Taylors to spend Christmas in a luxury ski resort in the Austrian Alps, so they can meet his new American girlfriend. However, Hayley’s dad Geoff insisted on handling his family’s side of the booking and something clearly got lost in translation. After a mix-up with transport at the airport, the two tribes end up at each other’s accommodations, on different sides of a valley and opposite ends of the Tripadvisor ratings scale. Can Hayley and James’ relationship survive another turbulent family Christmas, or has their future together gone off-piste?

Dating Santa

Premieres on Dec 8

Lucia (Ana Serradilla) is a single mother of Leo (Olivia Duflos) a little girl who’s only illusion relies on Christmas mainly because it’s magic, but also because she believes she’s a miracle from a wish her mother desired a long time ago and Santa granted. One night Lucia agrees to go on a blind date where she meets Sergio (David Chocarro), a single recognised chef, the sparks are immediate, but she’s not ready to tell her daughter so they’ll wait one year and meet just before Christmas. As promised Sergio appears at her door dressed as a joke as Santa, completely panicked Lucia tells Leo that Sergio it’s actually Santa. Leo being a fan of the season is excited but suspicious and tests every way she can the abilities of this supposed Santa. Creating a magical experience eventually he gains her heart, but the illusion is broken when she finds out they lied. Will Lucia and Sergio’s relationship survive this chaotic situation?

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