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Homelifearts-and-entertainmentNew releases for your streaming pleasure: Nov 15-21

New releases for your streaming pleasure: Nov 15-21

Looking for a title to binge-watch this weekend? Here's our pick!


Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

Premieres on Nov 17

In this series, two siblings follow in their father’s footsteps to uncover their family’s connection to the secretive organisation known as Monarch. Clues lead them into the world of monsters and ultimately down the rabbit hole to Army officer Lee Shaw (played by Kurt Russell and Wyatt Russell), taking place in the 1950s and half a century later where Monarch is threatened by what Shaw knows.


Crashing Eid

Premieres on Nov 15

When Razan’s British Pakistani fiance crashes her Saudi family’s Eid celebrations, she attempts to convince them that he is a suitable match.

The Crown: Season 6: Part 1

Premieres on Nov 16

Queen Elizabeth II reflects on her legacy and lineage as Diana dazzles the public in the final weeks of her life and the monarchy faces a reckoning.

In Love And Deep Water

Premieres on Nov 16

Romance, mystery and mayhem unfolds aboard a luxury liner heading for the Aegean Sea when a butler and a passenger try to solve a baffling murder.

Believer 2

Premieres on Nov 17

A determined detective continues his search for the truth behind Asia’s largest drug organisation and its elusive boss he has unfinished business with.

Holy Family: Season 2

Premieres on Nov 17

A family hiding a shocking secret starts over in Madrid, where new relationships complicate their plans and the past begins to catch up with them.

The Railway Men: The Untold Story Of Bhopal 1984

Premieres on Nov 18

After a deadly gas leaks from a factory in Bhopal, India, brave railway workers risk their lives to save others in the face of an unspeakable disaster.


Premieres on Nov 21

Adam Sandler is a lizard named Leo in this coming-of-age musical comedy about the last year of elementary school as seen through the eyes of a class pet.


Congrats My Ex!

Premieres on Nov 16

Starring the multitalented, evergreen actor Ranee Campen, who plays Risa a wedding planner on the brink of bankruptcy, and reluctantly accepts a daunting Indian wedding project to revive her struggling business. In a cruel twist of fate, the groom is unresolved ex Arun and to complicate things further, she enlists the help of another ex, Tim. As the whirlwind of cultural ceremonies unfold over three exhilarating days, follow Risa’s journey of love, laughter and rediscovery in the midst of a vibrant Indian wedding extravaganza. Monika, the bride-to-be is played by Indian rising star Anahita Bhooshan.


Julia: Season 2

Premieres on Nov 16

With her trailblazing cooking show up and running on the air, Julia grapples with her rising celebrity and what that means for her, her colleagues and her show. In season two of the Max Original series, Julia and her devoted husband Paul return from Simca’s home in France to find that her success has changed everything. Through her singular joie de vivre, she and her team must navigate WGBH, the White House and a threat from their past, while continuing to spearhead female-driven public television and confront social issues still prevalent today. Returning series regulars include Sarah Lancashire, David Hyde Pierce, Bebe Neuwirth, Brittany Bradford, Fran Kranz, Fiona Glascott, and Robert Joy.

Praise This

Premieres on Nov 18

Sam, an aspiring young singer who dreams of breaking into the music industry, is thwarted when her father moves them from Los Angeles to Atlanta to live with Sam’s cousin Jess. Forced to join her cousin’s struggling youth choir praise team in the run-up to a national championship competition, Sam seizes the chance to kickstart her own musical career and soon discovers the true meaning of praise as she begins to find her voice. Stars Chloe Bailey, Crystal Hayslett, Loren Lott and more.


The Powerpuff Girls: 25th Anniversary

Premieres on Nov 18-19

Celebrate 25 years of “The Powerpuff Girls”. Catch Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup fighting the baddies in the Powerpuff Girls movies, the original series from 1998 & the re-created series from 2016.

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