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Homelifearts-and-entertainmentNew releases for your streaming pleasure: Oct 4-10

New releases for your streaming pleasure: Oct 4-10

Looking for a title to binge-watch this weekend? Here's our pick!


Killers Of The Flower Moon

Premieres on Oct 6

Based on the book Killers Of The Flower Moon: The Osage Murders And The Birth Of The FBI. It tells the story of a series of murders of wealthy Osage Native Americans in Oklahoma in the 1920s after oil was found on their land. Directed by Martin Scorsese, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro in the leading roles. The film will get a limited cinematic release on Oct 6, followed by a wider release on Oct 20.


True Blood: Season 1

Premiered on Oct 1

In a world where vampires exist among humans, a telepathic waitress in Louisiana finds her life upended when she meets an intriguing stranger on the job.

A Hero

Premiered on Oct 2

The line between altruism and self-interest blurs when a broke sign painter finds a bag filled with gold coins while on furlough from a debtor’s prison.


Premieres on Oct 4

With never-before-seen footage, this docuseries follows David Beckham’s meteoric rise from humble beginnings to global football stardom.

Lupin: Part 3

Premieres on Oct 5

As the media and police look to Claire and Raoul, an on-the-run Assane schemes to protect them from afar — but old foes are eager to thwart his plans.


Premieres on Oct 6

Grieving the loss of a best friend she couldn’t protect, an ex-bodyguard sets out to fulfill her dear friend’s last wish: sweet, sweet revenge.

Strong Girl Nam-soon

Premieres on Oct 7

Gifted with superhuman strength, a young woman returns to Korea to find her birth family — only to be entangled in a drug case that could test her power.

Soulmate Adventure: Season 2

Premieres on Oct 7

While whispers about Bai Yuxiu’s family origin begin to surface, a series of strange events start happening around her and her friends.

The Kindergarten Teacher

Premieres on Oct 9

A devoted teacher takes interest in a young student’s creative potential after hearing his poetry. But she soon crosses the line into obsession.

Once Upon a Star

Premieres on Oct 11

In 1970, a cinema projection troupe faces roadblocks as they journey across Thailand to entertain eager audiences by live-dubbing beloved films.


World Animal Day Exclusives

Premieres on Oct 4 and runs through Oct 31

Celebrate nature’s most fascinating animals on:

● Weird, Wild and Wonderful

● Mad Match: Nature’s Strangest Relationships

● Magic Moments: The Spell of Nature

● African Wild

● Galapagos: The Hidden Paradise

● Borneo: Earth’s Ancient Eden

● The Beauty of Snakes

● Madagascar: Africa’s Galapagos

● Lost Kings of Bioko

● Animal Social Networks

● Sisters of the Savannah

● Red Panda – The World’s Cutest Animals


The Crawl

Premieres on Oct 10

The Crawl showcases various cuisines and delicacies of a featured place. From the exploration of street food to restaurant hopping, catch The Crawl to satisfy your craving.


The Curious Case Of Natalia Grace

Premieres on Oct 6

Initially assumed to be a six-year-old Ukrainian orphan with a rare genetic disorder, Natalia was adopted by Kristine and Michael Barnett in 2010. However, the happy family dynamic soured with allegations brought by the Barnetts that Natalia was an adult masquerading as a child with the intent to harm their family. This stranger-than-fiction series turns expectation on its head, offering extraordinary access and exclusive insight into an astonishing odyssey of deceit, colourful characters, twisted family dynamics and unbelievable testimonies.


Deane’s Dynasty

Premieres on Oct 6

Lydia and Matthew Deane are the power couple at the heart of this new reality series that gives an honest and intimate behind-the-curtain look at Thai celebrity life. After taking a hiatus from the spotlight to raise her two beautiful children, Lydia has big plans to restart her singing career. At the same time, she needs to juggle the ensuing challenges with her husband Matthew who seems set on having another child, and supporting her best friend Aerin, who is planning to walk down the aisle herself. Starring Lydia and Matthew Deane, Ploy Chermarn and Aerin Yuktadatta.

She Said

Premieres on Oct 7

New York Times reporters Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor come together to break one of the most important stories in a generation — a story that helped launch the #MeToo movement, shattering decades of silence around the subject of sexual assault in Hollywood and altering American culture forever. Stars Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan.


Mittens & Pants

Premieres on Oct 5

Featuring best friends Mittens the kitten and Pants the puppy who live in the all-animal town of Kibble Corners. Despite being a kitten and a puppy, they are the best of friends because they accept that they are different and know that being different is good.


Totally Killer

Premieres on Oct 6

Thirty-five years after the shocking murder of three teens, the infamous “Sweet Sixteen Killer“ returns on Halloween night to claim a fourth victim. 17-year-old Jamie (Kiernan Shipka) ignores her overprotective mum’s (Julie Bowen) warning and comes face to face with the masked maniac and on the run for her life, accidentally time travels back to 1987, the year of the original killings. Forced to navigate the unfamiliar and outrageous culture of the 1980s, Jamie teams up with her teen mom (Olivia Holt) to take down the killer once and for all before she’s stuck in the past forever.

Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe

Premieres on Oct 6

As journalist Alice Hines looks for a new story, her attention is drawn toward the wacky and weird fringes of internet culture. Her research takes her into love and romance and the controversial world of spiritual communities when she comes across the Twin Flames Universe. Blown away by the level of obsession its members have for founders Jeff and Shaleia Divine, Alice knows she has found her story. Little does she know how wild things are about to get. Goaded on by the flamboyant founders, Alice cannot believe what Jeff and Shaleia are able to encourage people to do. Paying thousands of dollars for the promise of finding their ultimate lover, members of the Twin Flames Universe will seemingly stop at nothing to claim their Twin Flame, crossing boundaries and even influencing members’ genders. Instead of a loving spiritual community, Alice wonders if she has in fact come across an internet cult. With real life testimony from former Twin Flames Universe members, as well as hearing from family of those who remained involved, this spellbinding docu-series recounts the true story of the ongoing Twin Flames Universe from its origin. From hysterical to outrageous, each episode tells real stories. It is a jaw-dropping, emotional rollercoaster that, at times, is barely believable.

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