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Unbox Thai entertainment

Prime Video will be launching its first multi-title campaign, “Unbox Thai Entertainment”, a collection featuring 13 Thai titles, starting on Thursday for the next 13 weeks, until Dec 28.

Six films and series will be available in Thailand and more than 240 countries and territories worldwide. Enjoy a new rlease every Thursday. The full list of 13 titles, in order, is: Kitty The Killer, PP Krit Lit & Glitter, Ghost Rookie, Grammy x RS: 2K Celebration Concert, Coin Digger, The X-treme Riders, The Office Games, Congrats My Ex!, 3 Idiot Heroes, Curse Code, Grammy x RS: Hit 100 Concert, My Undercover Chef and The Adventures Of Rung.

Of the 13 titles to be launched, four films — Ghost Rookie, Congrats My Ex, 3 Idiot Heroes and The Adventures Of Rung — and two series — Coin Digger and Curse Code — will be available to Prime Video members worldwide. Two BEC Studios-licensed shows, The Office Games and My Undercover Chef; PP Krit Lit & Glitter concert and the film, Kitty The Killer, will be available to Prime Video members across Southeast Asia, and The X-treme Riders film will be available to Prime Video members across Southeast Asia, including Hong Kong and Macao. The second and third installations of the GMM RS Concerts, Grammy x RS: 2K Celebration Concert and Grammy x RS: Hit 100 Concert will be available to Prime Video members in Thailand.

A bit about the individual titles:

• Oct 5: Kitty The Killer follows a story of a trained assassin named Dina (Ploypailin Thangprapaporn) and Keng, (Somchai Kemglad) the Grey Fox Guardian, who was betrayed by the organisation he had worked for. Both of them cross paths with Charlie (Denkhun Ngamnet), an ordinary office worker, and a friendship between the three blossoms. Before his death, Keng installs Charlie as the new Grey Fox Guardian, in order to keep Dina safe from the evil organisation. The story of the assassin’s war ensues.

• Oct 12: PP Krit Lit & Glitter is an exclusive recording of the “PP Krit – Lit & Glitter The First Fan Meeting” concert that took place in March. Fans of PP Krit will be able to relive his mesmerising performance, with many of the industry’s most notable artists like Mike Angelo, Mark Prin Suparat, Achiraya Nitibhon, Suwatjanee Chaimusik, Putthipong Assaratanakul, Kritsanapoom Pibulsonggram and Paris Intarakomalyasut making surprise appearances.

• Oct 19: Ghost Rookie is a comedic story of life after death, when a newbie ghost, Win (Sapol Assawamunkong), meets another fellow beautiful ghost named Faglai (Pattarasaya Kreuasuwansri), who is on the verge of losing her shrine for some mysterious reason. Win is determined to save Faglai’s shrine from disappearing.

• Oct 26: Grammy x RS: 2K Celebration Concert is an exclusive recording of the second installation of the historic trilogy of the “GMM RS Concerts”, featuring a collaboration between Grammy and RS artists, who electrified and delighted Thai audiences in the 2000s.

• Nov 2: Coin Digger follows the story of three friends, Bank (Thiti Mahayotaruk), Get (Chonlathorn Kongyingyong), and Jane (Narilya Gulmongkolpech), who are determined to use the financial tools of cryptocurrency to destabilise the decades-old financial institution, controlled by only a handful of powerful men. The 10-part series exposes the ruthless world of digital currency, where competition to get to the top comes at the expense of family and one’s life. Trinh, the trio’s adversary, comes into the scene and does everything to stop them from succeeding in the world of cryptocurrency.

• Nov 9: The X-treme Riders follows a story of fighters Kla (Jirayu La-ongmanee) and Fun (Nichari Chokprajakchat), two siblings who find themselves embroiled with a transnational mafia, who use a mixed martial arts competition as a cover up for a drug-trafficking operation. The siblings become the mafia’s tools for a murder plot and in a twist of fate, the hunter becomes the hunted.

• Nov 16: The Office Games follows the story of Alice (Chalida Vijitvongtong) and Mest (Chanon Santinatornkul), ordinary office workers, who struggle to cope with the vicissitudes of life. In desperate need of money and status, they seize every opportunity coming their way, finally landing themselves jobs selling financial products. The show exposes the cutthroat environment in the corporate world, filled with shady financial dealings, office politics and harassment. As they navigate this dangerous terrain, Alice and Mest must work together to survive and thrive.

• Nov 23: Congrats My Ex! is the story of a wedding planner, Risa (Ranee Campen), who is on the brink of bankruptcy, and reluctantly accepts a daunting Indian wedding project to revive her struggling business. The catch? The groom is her unresolved ex, Arun (Mahir Pandhi), and to complicate things further, she enlists the help of her other ex, Tim (Vachirawit Chivaaree). As the whirlwind of cultural ceremonies unfold over three exhilarating days, follow Risa’s journey of love, laughter and rediscovery in the midst of a vibrant Indian wedding extravaganza.

• Nov 30: 3 Idiot Heroes follows the story of friends Ngern (Padung Songsang), Thong (Kong Huayrai) and Nark (Ble Patumrach), from a remote village in Thailand. They set out on an adventure in search of weapons to defend their village. In a bid to save the village’s farm produce from theft, Ngern, the village custodian, kills the tiger godfather, leader of a vicious gang. Mee, the village millionaire, offers to compensate the gang in exchange to marry Sroi (Sakuntala Thianphairot), the village beauty. The trio are faced with obstacles along the way in search of the weapons needed to protect the village.

• Dec 7: Curse Code takes the audience back to the past when a haunted soul comes back for revenge on an ancient family, cursing death to every girl born to this family. Ake (Pachara Chirathivat), the last heir of the elder Brahmin family who ever sealed this haunted soul, has to come back to seal it all with the hidden seal rite. The only way to succeed is to find its grave by solving six mysteries respectively across six landmarks in Bangkok. However, these mysteries have a long way to go as Ake figured that Bangkok is a lot different now than it was 200 years ago.

• Dec 14: Grammy x RS: HIT 100 Concert is the third and final installation of the historic “GMM RS Concerts” to be hosted in October. The exclusive recording of this concert is a collection of the greatest hits from Grammy and RS, two of the biggest labels in Thailand, recorded and released across the past four decades, covering artists of every genre and style.

• Dec 21: My Undercover Chef relays the story of Marwin (Chantavit Dhanasevi), a suspended police detective who goes undercover as a sous-chef at a restaurant where drug dealers are regulars. His mission is to gain trust from these villains, shut down their operations, and apprehend their elusive boss. Things seem smooth until Khing (Jarinporn Joonkiat), a YouTuber and granddaughter of the restaurant owner, comes into the fold. Khing finds Marvin suspicious and becomes his bottleneck. Eventually, Marwin asks for Khing’s help to bring down the gang.

• Dec 28: The Adventures Of Rung tells the story of Joy (Matcha Mosimann), a daydreaming secretary who loves shopping and travel. She is required in Shanghai for work and meets Ricky (Sunny Suwanmethanont), a Thai young man selling fake antiques. Because of his shady dealings, Ricky owes money to the people he’s tricked and is under a time crunch to pay off his debt. Together, the two scramble to buy a pair of bizarre sculptures, only to discover puzzles hidden inside the sculptures that lead to a treasure hunt. With one missing puzzle left to find, Joy and Ricky begin their search, hoping it will lead them to the treasure they desperately yearn.

The 13 local Thai titles from “Unbox Thai Entertainment” will join Prime Video’s library, which includes Southeast Asian titles. Visit

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