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Unboxing Thai entertainment

Amazon Prime Video is set to redefine the streaming landscape in Thailand with its latest initiative, the "Unbox Thai Entertainment" campaign. Since establishing its presence in Thailand just a year ago, Prime Video is taking a giant leap by unveiling a captivating array of 13 exclusive Thai films and series. This dynamic move underscores the platform's unwavering commitment to investing in local content.

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The “Unbox Thai Entertainment” campaign features a diverse collection of 13 titles, spanning the realms of film, TV and even concerts, showcasing some of Thailand’s most celebrated talents.

These stellar productions will be available exclusively to Prime Video members in Thailand, with a weekly release schedule from Oct 5 to Dec 28.

At a recent press conference held at the iconic Gaysorn Tower, Chaitanya Divan, senior manager of content acquisition for Prime Video in Southeast Asia, shared the platform’s vision saying: “Since Prime Video’s inception in Thailand last August, one of our primary objectives has been to offer content that resonates with the Thai audience. We aim to provide content that reflects their language, culture and sense of humour, which they can appreciate.”

Underpinning this commitment to local content, Prime Video has collaborated closely with its partners to curate the best stories and showcase local talent. “Unbox Thai Entertainment” marks a milestone, but according to Divan, it’s just the beginning: “We aspire to take these exceptional Thai stories to a global audience through Prime Video.”

Chaitanya Divan, senior manager of content acquisition for Prime Video in Southeast Asia.

The line-up for “Unbox Thai Entertainment” comprises a diverse range of titles, each promising an engaging viewing experience. The full list includes Kitty The Killer, PP Krit Lit & Glitter, Ghost Rookie, Grammy x RS: 2K Celebration Concert, Grammy x RS: Hit 100 Concert, Coin Digger, The X-treme Riders, The Office Games, Congrats My Ex!, 3 Idiot Heroes, Curse Code, My Undercover Chef and The Adventures Of Rung. Six of these titles will be accessible outside Thailand, reaching over 240 countries and territories worldwide, amplifying the global appeal of Thai entertainment.

Prime Video’s dedication to Thai content extends beyond its exclusive titles. Prime Video members in Thailand can also explore a diverse catalogue featuring Korean, anime and Hollywood titles, all available with Thai dubs and subtitles. Notable titles such as The Ghost Station, Chainsaw Man and Gen V offer viewers a varied and immersive experience. Additionally, over 70 new foreign titles spanning Hollywood and non-Hollywood categories are scheduled for launch in the first quarter of 2024, with Thai dubs and subtitles. This will allow Thai audiences to enjoy a plethora of foreign films and series in their native language.

Divan expressed his enthusiasm for the campaign stating: “We are extremely excited about the ‘Unbox Thai Entertainment’ campaign as it marks a significant milestone in the history of Prime Video in Thailand.”

The platform’s unwavering commitment to the Thai entertainment industry’s growth is evident as they continue to discover and engage with local talent and creators. Prime Video’s ultimate goal is to establish itself as the go-to platform for Thai entertainment on a global scale. “This campaign truly is a testament of our commitment to the creative community, and we are confident that this is just the beginning of something truly special and uniquely Thai,” Divan concluded.

Kitty The Killer.

Kitty The Killer

Oct 5

Follow Dina, a trained assassin, and her alliance with Charlie, an ordinary office worker. Betrayal, assassins and the legacy of the Grey Fox Guardian collide in an action-packed war.

PP Krit Lit & Glitter

Oct 12

Relive PP Krit’s mesmerising performance in this exclusive recording of his first fan meeting concert, featuring special appearances by industry stars, adding glitter to the event.

Ghost Rookie

Oct 19

Win, a newbie ghost, and Faglai, a beautiful ghost, join forces to save Faglai’s shrine from vanishing into the afterlife.

Grammy x RS: 2K Celebration Concert

Oct 26

Experience the electrifying collaboration between Grammy and RS artists in this exclusive recording of the second GMM RS Concert.

Coin Digger

Nov 2

Bank, Get and Jane embark on a journey to destabilise a powerful financial institution using cryptocurrency, revealing the ruthless world of digital currency.

The X-treme Riders

Nov 9

Siblings Kla and Fun find themselves entangled with a transnational mafia using MMA as a cover for drug trafficking. Betrayals, complicated alliances and the fight for survival ensue.

The Office Games.

The Office Games

Nov 16

Follow Alice and Mest as they navigate the cutthroat corporate world, selling financial products, dealing with office politics and harassment, striving to survive and succeed.

Congrats My Ex!

Nov 23

Risa, a struggling wedding planner, accepts an Indian wedding project only to discover that her ex is the groom. With the help of another ex, she embarks on a vibrant journey of love, laughter and rediscovery.

3 Idiot Heroes.

3 Idiot Heroes

Nov 30

Ngern, Thong and Nark, friends from a remote village, set out to find weapons to defend their village. Obstacles and unexpected challenges emerge in their quest.

Curse Code

Dec 7

Ake must unravel ancient family curses by solving mysteries across six landmarks in Bangkok, leading to the haunted soul’s grave and the hidden seal rite.

Grammy x RS: HIT 100 Concert

Dec 14

The final instalment of the GMM RS Concerts features a collection of greatest hits from Grammy and RS, spanning four decades of Thai music.

My Undercover Chef.

My Undercover Chef

Dec 21

Detective Marwin goes undercover as a sous-chef to infiltrate a restaurant frequented by drug dealers. His mission takes an unexpected turn when he encounters Khing, a YouTuber, who becomes both a challenge and an ally.

The Adventure Of Rung.

The Adventures Of Rung

Dec 28

Join Joy and Ricky on a treasure hunt adventure as they race to find missing puzzles hidden inside bizarre sculptures, leading them to a long-desired treasure.

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