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Guardian Glass Innovates with New Mirror Products

Guardian UltraMirror™ with Vinyl and Guardian UltraMirror™ Life – October 28, 2023 – Guardian Glass is leading the way in high-quality glass production, unveiling two groundbreaking mirror products that prioritise safety and environmental consciousness. Guardian UltraMirror™ with Vinyl incorporates a vinyl film to enhance safety by preventing glass shards from falling when cracked. Additionally, Guardian introduces UltraMirror™ Life, featuring lead-free paint coatings.

UltraMirror™ with Vinyl: Guardian Glass proudly combines top-notch product quality with enhanced safety. The vinyl film acts as an additional protective layer, preventing potentially harmful broken mirror pieces from falling. It features a silver coating on high-quality float glass and is available as an option for all products in the UltraMirror™ range.

UltraMirror™ Life: This unique mirror product stands out with its lead-free* paint coatings. Guardian Glass has a proven track record in producing this product for the automotive market. Drawing from its expertise, Guardian now introduces UltraMirror™ Life to the architectural segment.

Note: UltraMirror™ Life does not use lead as an ingredient or intentionally add raw materials known to contain lead; trace amounts may be present as unintended contaminants.

Last year, Guardian Glass Asia Pacific and China (APAC) proudly appointed Khun Amanda Chalisa Obdam, Miss Universe Thailand 2020, as a brand ambassador. For the launch of UltraMirror™ with Vinyl and UltraMirror™ Life, Guardian Glass has invited Khun Amanda Chalisa Obdam to speak about the benefits of these innovative products.

Khun Amanda Chalisa Obdam comments: “I am honoured to represent Guardian Glass APAC; I have confidence in the quality of the company’s products and recognise the value of their leading role in the glass industry. Beyond their innovative products, they have a committed team dedicated to providing products that meet consumers’ needs and contribute meaningfully to their lives.”

Khun Nawanat Somnuek, Guardian Glass APAC Regional Sales Manager, adds: “In Thailand, our regional hub, we operate two plants. Our Rayong plant specialises in tinted glass production, while our Nongkhae, Saraburi facility, where today’s event takes place, produces float clear, laminated glass, and mirror products. The UltraMirror™ product range is crafted in this facility, which has mastered the art of mirror production. All products in our UltraMirror™ range are silver-coated and copper-free. Today, we are proud to introduce two outstanding products from the UltraMirror™ range, the UltraMirror™ with Vinyl and UltraMirror™ Life.”

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