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Over 5,000 Athletes Worldwide Take on Doi Inthanon Thailand by UTMB

HOKA, the world-renowned athletic footwear and apparel brand, is thrilled to announce that a team of elite HOKA athletes from APAC and Global competed at the prestigious Doi Inthanon Thailand by UTMB, which took place in Chiang Mai from December 8th to 10th, 2023. This event, recognized as the only major race of the UTMB series in Asia, promised to be an exhilarating and challenging experience for the nearly 5,200 runners from around the world. Of these participants, 36% were local athletes, while 64% were international athletes, with the majority of international runners hailing from China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, while the remaining participants came from North America and European countries.

Doi Inthanon Thailand by UTMB takes place against the breathtaking backdrop of Doi Inthanon National Park, providing participants with a unique opportunity to challenge themselves and explore the stunning landscapes of Northern Thailand. The event offers a variety of race distances, ranging from shorter courses to the demanding Trans-int 160, covering 175 kilometres (110.6 miles) with an elevation gain of 10,028 meters. Athletes with varying levels of experience and skills are attracted to these races, including Elephant 100, which covers 96 kilometres with an elevation gain of 5,860 meters, Mhong 50, a 50-kilometer race with an elevation gain of 2,870 meters, Palace 20, a 25-kilometer race with an elevation gain of 1,290 meters, and Rajapruek 10, a 10-kilometer race with an elevation gain of 290 meters. These races offer new courses and experiences compared to the previous year.

(Left: Catherine Poletti; President of UTMB Group. Middle: Mr. Ji Duo HOKA Elite China Team and the champion of TRANS-INT 160. Right: Mr. Arun Boonchai; Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Tourism and Sports)

On December 9, 2023, Ji Duo of the HOKA China Team participated in the Trans-int 160 race with an impressive average speed of 24 km/hour, completing the course in an overall time of 23:58:49. He outpaced the 1st runner-up by nearly 90 minutes, securing victory while wearing HOKA Tecton X 2 shoes. Ji Duo’s remarkable performance not only earned him the championship but also a coveted Golden Ticket to compete in the Western States Endurance Run in the United States next year. This achievement is even more remarkable as he broke the course record set by Jiaju Zhao, also from the HOKA China Team, albeit on a different course.

(Left: Mr. Michel Poletti; Co-Founder of UTMB. Middle: Guangfu Meng; HOKA Elite China Team and the champion of ELEPHANT 100. Right: Mr. Surasak Kerdjantuek; Vice Deputy of Strategic and Information Technology and Data System, Ministry of Tourism and Sports).

Guangfu Meng of the HOKA Elite China Team participated in the Elephant 100 race with an average speed of 9.88 km/hour and completed the course in an overall time of 10:09:22. Guangfu Meng emerged as the champion in this race, breaking the course record set last year at 05:10:15 with HOKA Tecton X 2 shoes.

Additionally, Han Mei, the General Manager of the HOKA Malaysia Team, represented the team in the Rajapruek 10 race and secured the 3rd rank in the Age Group 45-49 category, with an overall time of 01:14:27.

Pittaya Sarapee, Sports Marketing at HOKA, Rev Editions Co., Ltd., expressed their admiration for HOKA athletes’ outstanding performance, highlighting Guangfu Meng’s determination to excel in the 2023 race after winning the PAGODA 50 event last year. Sarapee added that HOKA is honoured and humbled to have such remarkable athletes on their team.

The HOKA athletes participating in this event not only excel as world-class runners but also embody the brand’s core values, which include a deep passion for the outdoors and a commitment to pushing their limits. They will be equipped with HOKA’s state-of-the-art trail running footwear and apparel, meticulously designed to provide comfort and performance even in the most demanding conditions.

Penphannee Ritthikan, Brand Marketing Manager at HOKA, Rev Editions Co., Ltd., expressed the brand’s immense enthusiasm for their elite athletes’ participation in the Doi Inthanon Thailand by UTMB event. She noted that this event signifies a significant milestone in HOKA’s continuous support of trail running on a global scale. Ritthikan emphasised that their athletes have undergone rigorous training and are eagerly prepared to take on the challenges presented by this extraordinary race.

HOKA has a well-established tradition of supporting athletes on their journey to excellence, and this collaboration with Doi Inthanon Thailand by UTMB underscores that unwavering commitment. The brand takes great pride in motivating athletes to scale new heights and inspiring others to explore their own limits in the realm of trail running.

The presence of HOKA athletes at this event not only raises the level of competition but also highlights HOKA’s role in advancing the sport and empowering athletes to achieve their personal best.

For additional information about HOKA and the HOKA athletes participating in Doi Inthanon Thailand by UTMB, please visit HOKA’s Instagram page @Hoka_TH or the HOKA Thailand Facebook Page.

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