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Plus Property Partners with ICON for Real Estate Enhancement

Plus Property Partners with ICON Framework to Enhance Its Toolset with ICON REM Platform, Pioneering Its Introduction in Thailand's Real Estate Sector. PLUS Expects This Move to Strengthen Its Sales and Marketing Services for Property Developers.

Plus Property, a full-service professional property and facility management agency, has entered into a collaboration with Icon Framework Co., Ltd., a developer of real estate management platforms. This partnership aims to introduce enterprise-level functionalities that are set to become industry standards in the real estate sector. PLUS Sole Agent recognises the effectiveness of Icon Framework’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and has chosen to implement this system to enhance sales and marketing management for various property projects. This makes PLUS Sole Agent the first property-related company in Thailand to adopt Icon Framework’s CRM system.

Ms. Somsakul Limsuttaphan, Deputy Managing Director of the Business Development and Asset Management Department at Plus Property Co., Ltd., commented, “The residential property market has seen improvements this year due to adjustments made by developers, achieving a better balance between unsold and newly acquired properties. According to information from the REIC, new residential property offerings are projected to increase by 13.7% this year. Consequently, PLUS is expanding its client base by taking on sales management responsibilities for clients in both Bangkok and the provinces. This year, we have already accepted sales management responsibilities for 13 property developments, including low-rise and high-rise projects, spanning all segments and valued at 14 billion baht. PLUS works as a strategic partner, providing consultancy services for sales and marketing to developers of all sizes. This ‘total solution’ approach includes business advisory services, involvement in project development at every stage in collaboration with developers, and tailored sales and marketing planning to align with market conditions and the fast-paced and competitive industry. Choosing the CRM ICON REM system, a sales management platform for real estate businesses, streamlines processes and enhances the efficiency of sales personnel in lead management and customer relationship management. The platform can also integrate with other systems to achieve interoperability with new technologies. Real-time updates make this platform well-suited to Thailand’s real estate landscape, providing valuable insights into consumer behaviour.”

Wannathep Hluvijit, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Icon Framework Co., Ltd., the developer of the real estate management platform, stated, “The growth of small and medium-sized real estate developers has significantly increased compared to the past, both in the Bangkok area and major provincial cities. This presents an opportunity for the ICON REM system to simplify business management and sales management. The system includes features such as summarising daily sales statistics, organising customer databases, recording client engagement activities and sales opportunity enhancement, document management, customer service information for property projects, pricing information, promotional campaign details, property reservation systems, quotation issuance, unit matrix display for sales, and a system for managing reservations, contracts, modifications, and cancellations. The software selected by PLUS for the property projects it manages meets industry standards and robustly supports sustainable real estate operations.”

Plus Property’s Sole Agent business specialises in sales and marketing for residential property developments, employing comprehensive full-funnel strategies tailored to meet the demands of products in the High Involvement category. PLUS Sole Agent aims to be a strategic partner that assists clients in bridging the gap between supply and demand. Those interested in Plus Property’s Sole Agent service can find more information at contact them at 02 688 7555.

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