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Thailand's TVBG Makes Global Move with Diverse Content Portfolio

TVBG, or TV Burabha Group, is taking another significant step in transforming itself from being an eminent storyteller in the documentary genre in Thailand to a comprehensive content industry player.

MIPCOM 2023, which took place from October 16th to 19th, marked the first exposure for “TV Burabha,” the renowned content production company with a legacy spanning over 20 years, to showcase its projects in Cannes, France, at the world’s largest content festival. TVBG presented a collection of top-notch documentaries along with high-quality content such as films, series, and reality shows, all with global appeal. This expansion into new content categories signifies a fresh dimension for TVBG as it extends its storytelling expertise from DocuDrama to the entertainment industry.

Mr. Kritsanaphol Pontanavaranont, Managing Director, revealed that TVBG’s decision to enter the global content market at this time aligns with Thailand’s recognition as a principal hub with abundant resources, a skilled workforce, and full readiness in the content industry. This is further bolstered by the government’s commitment to the soft power strategy, making it a national priority and providing extensive support to the industry through the establishment of a National Soft Power Committee, aimed at promoting Thai content globally.

According to Mr. Kritsanaphol, “TVBG excels at creating DocuDrama content, which is based on true stories, a skill honed over two decades. This is achieved through systematic work processes and research collaborations with numerous academic institutions. We believe we can continue to tell remarkable and distinctive stories that can be adapted for various media, including dramas, television shows, films, and even the art space. Our chosen topics, including Muay Thai, Thai cuisine, culture, and international relations portrayed through the fashion dimension, are areas where we excel.”

TVBG has built a strong foundation in producing DocuDrama content based on true stories over the past two decades, leveraging efficient workflows and research collaborations with academic institutions. This expertise allows TVBG to produce remarkable and distinctive stories suitable for various platforms, including films, series, TV programs, and even artistic endeavours. At MIPCOM, TVBG showcased projects encompassing film, series, documentaries, and TV programs, with a particular focus on Muay Thai, Thai culinary arts, culture, history, and international relations portrayed through the lens of fashion.

MIPCOM 2023 featured two Thai content creation companies: TVBG and Workpoint. TVBG received positive feedback from global distributors, including The Bridge (UK), BlinkFilms (UK), Ampersand (France), and MJ Communications (USA). Additionally, there has been interest in co-production with TVBG, such as the documentary film on Muay Thai with Scorpion TV from the USA, TVF and Ampersand’s collaboration on the history of Thai-French relations led by Ok-Phra Visut Sunthornv (Kosa Pan), and BlinkFilms’ interest in a reality show centred around Thai cuisine with a British chef.

This marks both an opportunity and a challenge for TVBG in promoting local content to a global audience and contributing to the growth of the Thai content industry. This aligns with the views of content expert Amanda Groom from the UK, who highlighted that this is an ideal moment for Thailand in this sector. Thailand, being a top-ranked nation in Asia, possesses the potential and readiness in all areas, especially with the Thai government’s commitment to the Soft Power Committee, aiming to promote the Thai content industry in the international market. This effort is seen as building a new S-Curve from the country’s existing assets.

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