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Toyota Leasing (Thailand) celebrated its 30-year anniversary

Ms. Chuenkamol Dapparungsi, President of Toyota Leasing (Thailand), and Mr. Hao Quoc Tien, Chief Executive Officer of Toyota Financial Services Asia Pacific Region, President of Toyota Motor Asia Pacific, jointly launched the event "Toyota Leasing Celebrates 30 Years of Operation in Thailand" to express gratitude to various sectors who have been parts of its success over the past 30 years.

The event was honoured by Mr. Kalin Sarasin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., and attended by distinguished guests from all business stakeholders and government sectors. During the event, the vision and mission of becoming a leading financial institution providing diverse financial products and a commitment to delivering innovative service for the best customer and business partner experiences were emphasised. All of this is aimed at the sustainability of the organisation, society, and the environment. The celebration took place on Thursday 5 October 2023, at the Chatrium Grand Bangkok Hotel.

Toyota Leasing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was founded on 5 October 1993 and has been one of the stable and trusted financial institutions providing leasing for Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Later, the company expanded its collaboration with other leading car companies. Toyota Leasing Thailand has achieved recognition both nationally and internationally. Currently, there are more than 900,000 outstanding contracts, contributing to nearly 60% of domestic Toyota and Lexus sales which makes us Top in the Toyota Asia Pacific Region.

Over 30 years of business operation, Toyota Leasing (Thailand) has continuously evolved and adapted to cope with every change in the Thai business climate and society. The company has provided various automotive financial services including hire purchases for retail buyers, business owners, and refinancing. It has also developed Green Loan products to support environmentally related businesses as part of our ESG&SDGs initiatives. In addition, it has initiated various new projects aimed at delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction in the realm of credit and insurance services in various formats, including other services, all under One Stop Service approach, to facilitate and enhance speed for our customers to create “Customer Lifetime Value” and “Vehicle Lifetime Value”.

With the company’s commitment to delivering the best experience to customers, the company has conceived and innovated ideas under the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) business models for customers to access a comprehensive range of services according to their lifestyles. It introduced innovations such as the Car Subscription Plan, known as KINTO ONE. Furthermore, the company is leveraging FinTech and applications that connect various platforms, following the concept of Happiness Platform as a Service (H-PaaS). The diverse range of services include:

TLT Simply is a one-stop mobile application that offers features for customers to access all of our services. Customers can select and apply for loans online through the TLT Smart Loan menu, which securely stores the customer data with initial application results notified within 30 minutes. Customers can view loan information and perform various transactions by themselves using the TLT Simply app. Currently, the app has a user database of over 700,000 customers.

TOYOTA wallet is a global E-Wallet platform that initially launched its services in Japan and has expanded to Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Our commitment is to provide a convenient payment experience with the highest level of security, enabling users to make payments freely for goods and services within the Toyota network, among our business partners, and other stores.

KINTO ONE is a financial innovation offering another option for customer’s convenient car ownership. It provides a monthly subscription plan without the burden of first-class insurance premiums, car maintenance fees, and annual vehicle tax throughout the contract period. Customers can apply online via the KINTO website, select their preferred model, choose the desired service conditions, receive online approval, and even select the date and time to pick up their car at the showroom using the QR Code system within the KINTO mobile application.

At the event, KINTO ONE exhibited multi-purpose and commercial vehicles to cater to the Aging Society. These vehicles are installed with remote-controlled Welcab seats, which provide another option for customers to care for their elderly.

In addition to that, we have exhibited the “BEV car model C Plus Pod” in the Pattaya Decarbonised Sustainable City project, a collaboration with Toyota Motor Thailand aimed at supporting carbon neutrality. Alongside this, we’ve introduced a new innovation, the “KINTO SHARE Digital Key”, a smart key application that transforms a smartphone into a remote control for locking and unlocking the car, making it hassle-free without the need to carry keys.

The company also offers other services under the concept of Happiness Platform as a Service, including KINTO SHARE, a daily car rental service with over 20 service locations across the country. This application brings together leading car rental companies in Thailand into one platform. This enhances convenience for users by allowing them the freedom to choose pick-up locations, reserve the desired car, select pick-up and drop-off times, make payments, and confirm bookings through the KINTO mobile app.

The company has also developed the Trip Sabuy by KINTO which invites a network of more than 50 leading hotel and accommodation partners in Thailand to provide services on its platform. Through promotional campaigns and exclusive offers, it aims to cater to the diverse lifestyles of customers. It also prepares for Wellness & Medical Tourism services, blending travel, leisure, and healthcare, to ensure physical and mental well-being all in one trip.

There are two recently launched platforms, “gurumalist Uesd Car E-Marketplace” is a platform for buying and selling quality used cars. The company has expanded our business to include our Toyota Sure authorised dealers and members of the association of used cars. This totals more than 85 partners. There are over 1,500 high-quality used cars. This year, the company intend to continuously expand and develop the system by connecting with Toyota Value Chain.

Another new platform, “ShopSabuy” is an e-commerce online shopping platform that offers you a new shopping experience with special offers and lifestyle product promotions related to cars, all in one place. Both buyers and sellers can shop online with confidence, thanks to our modern and secure payment system. Our services are designed to make it easier than ever for you to have your online store.

Apart from introducing new services, the company is dedicated to continuous product innovation to enhance the car loan services to be ever more convenient and efficient.

Ms. Chuenkamol Dapparungsi, President of Toyota Leasing (Thailand), stated “We are not only determined to conduct our business for profitability but also conscientious about society, and the world at large. We are committed to continually improving and aligning our operations with ESG principles: Environmental, Social, Governance, with Corporate Sustainable Development Goals, with a goal to steer our business towards a sustainable future.

“As evidenced by our recent capital raising efforts, our company raised funds by Green Loan to support Clean Transportation in Thailand which reduces greenhouse gas emissions

“The issuance of Green Bonds is certified by Sustainalytics, a leading global sustainability rating company. The funds raised through these bonds are allocated to support Clean Transportation in Thailand. Our company won the Best Green Bond Award in 2021 from The Asset magazine.

“Moreover, we are actively raising awareness about greenhouse gases through our reforesting program. There are also various upcoming projects aimed at elevating our business operations to be socially and environmentally responsible while upholding good governance principles. We are committed to delivering financial services that enhance the quality of life, care for society, and create sustainable economic value.

“Throughout 30 years, we, the Toyota Leasing, community, take immense pride in being part of the effort that has empowered the Thai people to own quality cars. We have contributed to driving the economy, the society, creating opportunities, jobs and income, and ultimately improving the quality of life for everyone. We also support skills training and pass on the Toyota Way philosophy, which inspires us to continuously develop our services to meet the needs of our customers and society. This unwavering dedication has kept us ever-ready to embrace changes and never stop evolving.

“We have navigated through various challenging situations, which were hard tests that demanded efforts in learning new circumstances together with all of our associates with ONE TEAM ONE GOAL that makes us pass all circumstances.

“From this point onwards, on a path that is supported by all stakeholders, we will stride forward with confidence, stability, and continuous improvement. Together, we will drive towards the future and achieve our sustainable goals,” concluded by Ms. Chuenkamol Dapparungsi, President of Toyota Leasing (Thailand).


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