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Experience Philippine heritage with Siam Society

The Southeast Asian Heritage Alliance (Seacha) is organising a trip to explore Luzon in the Philippines from March 6-10.

Held in collaboration with Siam Society and the Philippine Heritage Society, the five-day trip will take participants to the central region of the island of Luzon which lies at the heart of the Philippines’ cultural heritage.

They will experience the complex interweaving of indigenous Malay, Spanish and American colonial influences, along with the Chinese immigrant strands that are the roots of today’s vibrant and colourful Philippine culture and identity.

This is also an opportunity to immerse in many aspects of Philippine culture during the tour, be it architecture, handicrafts, agricultural heritage, cuisine or way of life while learning about the local heritage conservation movement.

Sites of interest in the itinerary include Laguna province south of Manila which is home to the country’s biggest freshwater lake, Laguna de Bay; and San Pedro de Alcantara Church in Pakil; the Santiago Apostol Church in Paete; Pinto Museum in Lumban; the Barasoain Church in Malolos; the residence of Dr Luis Santos; and the heritage home of the Tiongson family.

On the last two days, they will stop by a San Fernando lantern factory, the half-buried San Guillermo Church, the Baroque-style Betis Church, and the Museum of Fine Arts.

The fee is 63,000 baht. Email studytrips@thesiamsociety.orgor call 02-661-6470–3 ext 205.

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