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HomesportsLearn short game first, progress to drives later

Learn short game first, progress to drives later

Starting from the hole and then progressing back towards the tee is the best way to learn golf.

Many adults see this as too simple and want to hit full blooded drives as soon as possible.

If a beginner tries to learn the game at the tee and then move onwards towards the green is just postponing the short game and will regret it later.

Personally, I love to see a youngster at the practice green with just one chipping club, putter and one golf ball.

A chipping stroke is just a short version of a full swing, and a young child will learn a good chipping stroke together with the rare qualities of touch and feel this way.

The best chipping and putting action that one can have is not much good without touch or feel.

An individual looking stroke that a junior has confidence in and a feel for getting the ball close to the hole is the best stroke in the world for a young golfer.

Many of the best chippers and putters learned their craft from countless hours around the practice putting green.

Using one ball on a chip and putt is how youngsters will learn to score.

For a child to chip many balls at the same hole, one after the other, is poor practice and allows much room for mistakes.

Just dragging over another ball after a bad chip does not teach you the reality of playing golf and paying for your mistakes.

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