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HomethailandgeneralForeign Ministry slams Israel over grisly video shown at UN assembly

Foreign Ministry slams Israel over grisly video shown at UN assembly

The Foreign Affairs Ministry on Sunday denounced the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations for showing a video clip of a foreign victim claimed to be Thai in the UN General Assembly meeting over the Israel-Hamas war.

The material was appalling to not only Thais but also people worldwide, the ministry said.

It described the presentation of the video as a failure to respect the dead and consider the feelings of the victim’s family.

The ministry was apparently referring to Israeli ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan, who on Thursday played the video at the UN General Assembly and told delegates that it depicted a Hamas terrorist trying to decapitate an agricultural worker from Thailand.

In an apparent attempt to justify the ongoing Israeli bombardment of Gazathat has left thousands dead, the ambassador played the video while expressing opposition to any ceasefire proposal in the UN General Assembly on Thursday.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry said it felt deep sorrow for the death of 32 Thais in the war, along with the injuries sustained by 19 others and the abduction of a further 19.

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