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Govt set to reveal benefits for recruits

The Ministry of Defence looks set to offer an array of benefits to new service members, including occupational and educational training opportunities, to attract recruits under the government's new policy to fade out conscription and replace it with voluntary recruitment by 2028.

Starting Tuesday, those interested in joining the military’s three branches can submit their application online at, said Jirayu Huangsap, spokesman for Defence Minister Sutin Klungsang.

A major event was also planned to take place in front of the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defence in Nonthaburi from 10am until 9pm, to promote the ministry’s recruitment programme.

The event will highlight the benefits new service members will receive during their basic training and service with the military, as well as further educational opportunities after they leave, said the spokesman.

When all the benefits for a new generation of service members are revealed, people will forget their old perception of life in the armed forces under conscription, he said.

From next year onwards, new service members will receive a package of benefits, including a monthly salary and various occupational and educational training opportunities to choose from, he said.

The training period, which normally ranges from six months to two years, will never again be perceived as a waste of time, as many used to view it, he said.

“New recruits will have the opportunity to study for a bachelor’s degree to widen their opportunities to find a good job in the civil service after they leave,” Mr Jirayu said.

The ministry on Tuesday signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education Science Research and Innovation on the organising and certification of study programmes, he said.

The new recruitment programme is also part of the government’s defence development policy, which is required to be more in line with the government’s economic development, he said.

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