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Ministry urges all Thai workers to come home

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) on Saturday issued an urgent update to all Thai workers living in Israel to return to Thailand as quickly as possible because Israel is stepping up attacks against Palestinian terror group Hamas.

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said it would expand ground and air operations with heavy bombardments overnight.

The bombardment aggravated the situation and prompted the United Nations to call for a humanitarian ceasefire.

In response, the MFA posted on its Facebook page on Saturday, warning all Thai workers in Israel to return to Thailand due to concern over their safety.

Data suggested the fighting area might have expanded which would affect internal transport and evacuation.

Those who want to return to the country can contact the David Intercontinental Hotel, or the shelter centre via 050-443-8094 or the embassy via 055-271-2201, 053-245-2826 and 054-636-8150 phone number.

Regarding evacuation flights at Don Mueang International Airport on Saturday, 134 Thais arrived at the airport with Lion Air flight SL7005 at 2.50am, 179 Thais arrived with Air Asia flight FD8754 at 4.50am and 180 more Thais via Nok Air flight DD9089 by midnight.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin posted on his X (Twitter) account that the government was worried about the safety of Thai workers still in Israel.

The government is also urging families to persuade relatives to return.

Separately, a family in Kumphawapi district of Udon Thani were relieved but concerned to discover their 32-year-old son, Watchara Sriuan, is alive and being held hostage, after they lost contact with him for almost 22 days.

Hamas on Oct 7 took people hostage including Thai workers in their Oct 7 attack in the Gaza Strip.

“We were delighted to see Tee [Mr Watchara] is still alive. Although he is being held hostage, Hamas might release my son and all Thais back to their family in Thailand,” said Ms Viewwaew, Mr Watchara’s mother.

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