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Mum pleads for help for ‘hostage’ daughter

KHON KAEN – The family of overseas worker Natthawaree Mulkan, 35, is begging the government to find and rescue her. She is thought to have been taken captive in Israel.

Boonyarin Srichan said on Saturday that she had yet to hear from her daughter, who was reportedly abducted along with her boyfriend, Boonthom, shortly after the violence erupted in Israel last weekend.

Ms Boonyarin, 56, said the family has received no news from Thai authorities. She has been trying to avoid watching videos about Thai workers currently held hostage in the war-torn region.

“People forwarded the clips to me, but I can’t stand watching them. I don’t want to see it,” she said.

A total of 16 Thais are reported to have been taken hostage since hostilities began, while 24 have been confirmed dead and 16 injured.

A Thai worker in Israel known as Art, who is a close friend of Mr Boonthom, sent a video to Ms Boonyarin on Oct 11 in which he identified Ms Natthawaree as a woman in a white shirt curled up in a trailer.

According to Mr Art, the video was recorded by Hamas militants and later forwarded among Thai workers in Israel. Based on Mr Art’s information, Boonthom and Natthawaree had left their camp by motorcycle to work an extra job before they were captured.

“We are so worried, but there’s not much we can do,” Ms Boonyarin said. “We make merit and we beg for the deities to protect them and let them come home safely. She was due to complete her contract and return home in seven months.”

Mr Boonthom was believed to have been staying and working in Israel illegally. The couple planned to marry upon their return to Thailand, Ms Boonyarin said.

While giving a media interview, she placed a call to Mr Art, who identified himself as Pichai Silueang and talked to the reporter.

Mr Art said he had been evacuated from the farm in southern Israel where he was working and sent further north to a place where there is no fighting.

He said he had no intention of returning to Thailand at present but would sign up to be repatriated if he no longer feels safe.

Boonyarin Srichan says people have sent her videos of events in Israel, “but I can’t stand watching them”. (Photo: Chakkrapan Natanri)

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