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Thai travellers warned to be safety conscious

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has warned Thais travelling abroad to avoid areas of conflict and demonstrations about the Israeli-Hamas war, for their own safety.

“Regarding overseas vacations, when there is a war situation in Israel and conflict between groups of people, please take precautions, follow announcements by local authorities and be carefull entering, or avoid, areas that are the subject of warnings,” spokeswoman Kanchana Patarachoke said on Wednesday.

The travel advisory followed recent warnings by the Thai embassies in Paris and Brussels that Thais should avoid crowded areas in both countries.

On Tuesday the Thai embassy in Paris recommended taking precautions folloowing recent bomb threats in France. The Thai embassy in Belgium advised Thais to avoid crowded areas.

Ms Kanchana said the ministry was not banning any overseas travel because it was a personal right. However, Thai travelers should have the phone numbers of relevant Thai embassies handy, in case they should need help.

“We advise taking precautions and following information given out by local authorities and embassies. We are not prohibiting anyone from traveling. Travel can continue. But when there is a situation, (travellers) must consider where they should go, and avoid areas where there are crowds or conflict,” the spokeswoman said.

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