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Yearly cool season set to start

This year's cool season is expected to arrive later this week, about two weeks later than usual, and it is forecast to be warmer than usual due to volatile weather conditions coupled with the impact of El Niño, according to the Meteorological Department.

Normally, Thailand enters its colder season by the middle of October, said the Meteorological Department.

As for this year, a “moderate” cool spell is forecast to arrive in upper Thailand tomorrow, lasting until next Monday, and is considered a sign of the beginning of the change in climate, said the department.

The Northeast region, for instance, will experience a temperature drop and although it cannot yet say goodbye to rain and sporadic thunderstorms, precipitation is expected to decrease significantly.

The coldest period in the kingdom is expected to begin early next month and last until late January, with the average temperature in the upper part of the country being predicted to be between 21 and 22 degrees Celsius, or approximately 1.5C higher than the average temperature recorded in last year’s cold season.

The lowest temperatures in the North and the Northeast will be between 9 and 1C, while the lowest in Bangkok are expected to be 17 to 18C and between 15 and 16C in the surrounding provinces this year.

Some frost on the ground may appear at certain points throughout the cold season on the mountaintops in the upper areas of the country.

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