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HometravelExplore Si Satchanalai with Siam Society

Explore Si Satchanalai with Siam Society

Siam Society is holding a weekend trip to various cultural heritage sites and cultural wisdom in the upper central plains of Thailand, from Nov 24 to 26.

Si Satchanalai Historical Park. (Photo courtesy of siam society)

Led by Euayporn Kerchouay, the three-day trip will take participants to Sukhothai province to explore the ruins of Si Satchanalai, a satellite city of the Sukhothai Kingdom during the 13th century. Today, its ruins lie on the right bank of the Yom River, located in the south of modern Si Satchanalai and is one of the best examples of a Thai city-state.

It was laid out along fixed cosmological line-temple complexes at its heart, surrounded by city walls, rivers, and a forest. It is considered by many historians to be the apogee of Thai city planning.

Also discovered along the banks of the Yom River were about 200 glazed ceramic kilns, measuring about 1.5km². Two groups of kilns have been excavated and the area has been developed into site museums.

Participants will visit Sawankhaworanayok National Museum, Si Satchanalai- Chaliang Historical Park, and kiln site museums before proceeding to Lab Lae district in Uttaradit province.

Built on the right bank of the Nan River in the middle of a broad plain encircled by a chain of mountains, Uttaradit is still regarded as a forest region with orchards, waterfalls, and a chain of mountains.

There are many historical sites, homes of Northern Thai textile productions, beautiful woodcarving masterpieces, and interesting old temple architecture.

The trip will include stops at orchards, waterfalls, and temples in a local village to witness the masterpieces of woodcarvings.

The fee is 23,500 baht (22,500 baht for members) including air tickets, transportation, meals and accommodation.

Email studytrips@thesiamsociety.orgor call 02-661-6470–3 ext 205.

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