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IRPC and Bangpakok-Piyavate Collaborate for Healthcare Excellence

IRPC Public Company Limited has partnered with the Bangpakok-Piyavate Hospital Group to conduct a study on land development in Rayong province, as well as the operations of a hospital and wellness center. The goal is to address the diverse needs of the elderly population in alignment with the government’s Medical Hub policy in the promising Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) areas.

Mr. Kris Imsang, President and Chief Executive Officer of IRPC, and Dr. Jiang Chantarakamol, CEO of the Bangpakok Hospital Group (comprising Bangpakok and Piyavate Hospital Group), signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of the hospital and wellness center business. The presence of Surong Bulakul, an advisor to the Bangpakok and Piyavate Hospital Group, added prestige to the ceremony. The objective is to enhance the quality of life and healthcare for residents of Rayong province and its neighbouring areas, ensuring improved access to holistic and comprehensive healthcare services, both for prevention and treatment, through high-quality medical facilities.

According to information from the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC), Thailand officially entered a “fully aging society” in 2022, with over 12.9 million people aged 60 and above, accounting for 20% of the total population. Projections suggest that Thailand will transition to a “super-aged society” within the next 15 years when the proportion of the population aged over 60 reaches 28% of the total population.

This collaboration represents a crucial step for both organisations in expanding their businesses, driven by the medical excellence and comprehensive services offered by the Bangpakok-Piyavate Hospital Group, which enjoys recognition both locally and internationally. The objective is to establish a hospital and wellness center on IRPC’s prominent and strategically located land in the EEC areas of Rayong province. This endeavour aligns with the Thai government’s Medical Hub Policy, aimed at positioning Thailand as the “center of excellence for medical services within the region,” with a specific focus on two key industries: the medical tourism industry and the integrated medical industry. These industries hold significant potential for bolstering the national economy and align with the government’s commitment to support the aging society and medical tourism industry. Additionally, this initiative will enhance the value of IRPC’s lands and attract more international investors to the country.

As IRPC looks to the future, the company is dedicated to fostering innovation in materials and energy, with a particular emphasis on the health, hygiene, and medical business sector. IRPC recognises the growth opportunities within this sector and is committed to pursuing sustainable goals for achieving a balanced and high-quality life for all. IRPC and the Bangpakok and Piyavate Hospital Group are enthusiastic about combining their vision and potential to continually advance technology and medical services to higher standards while striving for continuous improvement.

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