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MQDC Presents Projects Across Its Brands at “MQDC Well Living Expo” to Promote “Sustainnovation for All Well-Being”

MQDC, a leading property developer, is showcasing its residences, demonstrating leadership in "sustainnovation" (innovation for sustainability) at the "MQDC Well Living Expo" from October 12-15 at the Fashion Hall on the 1st floor of Siam Paragon Shopping Center. Visitors will discover exclusive offers on homes backed by a 30-year warranty under the MQDC Standard.

Mr. Assada Kaeokhiao, Chief Operating Officer of MQDC, emphasises that all MQDC residential projects will be on display at this expo, reflecting the company’s commitment to developing and innovating for sustainable quality, known as “sustainnovation.” This commitment sets MQDC apart from other developers, aligning with its mission to create projects that enhance the well-being of all.

“At the ‘MQDC Well Living Expo,’ visitors will witness the integral link between residential concepts and sustainability innovations. Our approach extends beyond technology; ‘sustainnovation’ is woven into the fabric of design, aimed at improving the quality of life for residents, nearby communities, and all living beings,” he stated.

MQDC established the Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC) six years ago as a hub for research and design development, focusing on enhancing the quality of life (Boundless Life-Quality Design), sustainability (Absolute World Care), and community benefits (Ultimate Loving Community) across all MQDC projects.

“We apply the MQDC Standard to ensure the quality of our project development. All our projects must meet this standard, which is a key reason we confidently offer our customers a 30-year warranty— the longest in the Thai real estate industry,” added Mr. Assada.

MQDC’s residential projects at the expo include flagship developments such as The Forestias, Whizdom The Forestias Mytopia, Whizdom The Forestias Petopia, and Whizdom The Forestias Destinia, each designed to cater to different target groups while delivering a high quality of life within a 4.8-hectare forest equipped with environmental technologies.

The Aspen Tree The Forestias is a collaboration with Baycrest Center, a leading healthcare institution for older adults in Canada, offering standards and medical services for residents aged 50+ under the unique “Lifetime Care” concept.

The Forestias also incorporates utility systems with energy-saving technology, including the innovative Central Utility Plant (CUP) supporting a first-of-its-kind air-conditioning system using cold water in Thailand. Innovations such as the Energy Management Unit (EMU) and Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) are expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30,000 tons annually.

The “MQDC Well Living Expo” also highlights MQDC’s use of knowledge from RISC, emphasising the selection of sustainable, eco-friendly, and reusable materials in line with the Biodiversity Standard. Applications include Thailand’s pioneering implementation of the LEED HOME Standard, focusing on energy efficiency and heat management to reduce indoor temperatures.

The Strand Thonglor becomes the first condominium in Thailand to adopt the ERV Air Circulation System with IAQ CO2 Tracker, actively monitoring and removing indoor carbon dioxide to ensure fresh air.

Whizdom Coex Pinklao and the new Whizdom Craftz Samyan, centrally located in Bangkok, offer a combination of “Smart Living” and “Smart Building.” A city-level air-purification tower named “Fahsai,” developed by RISC, provides clean air, free from PM 2.5 dust, promoting a high quality of life.

In addition to innovations, the expo features special promotions, including exclusive offers of up to 3 million baht, vouchers from Siam Paragon worth over 2 million baht, and exclusive lending rates from partners for MQDC customers attending the event.

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