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VIMB and Harvey Law Group Launch Sustainable Citizenship Program

The longstanding partnership between Harvey Law Group (HLG) and Vanuatu Investment Marketing Bureau (VIMB) is set to reach new heights with the launch of the Capital Investment Immigration Plan (CIIP) under the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment program, aimed at bolstering the country's sustainability efforts to achieve its 2030 carbon net zero goals.

Vanuatu, a Pacific Islands nation, has unveiled one of the world’s most ambitious climate adaptation policies, committing to achieve 100% renewable energy in electricity generation by 2030, along with ambitious targets for addressing loss and damage caused by climate change.

The announcement underscores Vanuatu’s determination to make a further significant impact on the global stage in the realm of climate action. This innovative initiative marks the beginning of Vanuatu’s journey to drive climate financing in support of its 2030 Net Zero Goals through leveraging the country’s already successful citizenship by investment program.

At just under 3 hour’s flight from Australia and comprising 80+ islands, Vanuatu is regularly placed in the “Happy Planet Index” (HPI) as one of the happiest countries in the world.

The CIIP investment program provides a pathway for international investors to be granted Citizenship in Vanuatu in return for an investment into Vanuatu’s sustainable economy. Starting at USD 138,000 for up to four family members on one application, the “CIIP – CNO Future Fund” option generates direct investment into a segment of Vanuatu’s economy singled out in the Government’s Low Emission Development Policy (2022) as being key towards reaching its commitments to be carbon net zero in electricity generation by 2030.

The CNO Future Fund is committed to generating profits by curating a diversified investment portfolio focused on enhancing and growing local CNO products and sectors. The goal is to reduce the dependency on imported fossil fuels for electricity generation. With strategic investments, the CNO Future Fund intends to boost CNO production to fulfill the 17M liters annual supply contract, which is needed to supplant the currently used fossil fuels for energy. There exists a substantial domestic bio-fuel demand that can be met by doubling the current CNO production in its initial phase.

Investors into the CNO Future Fund under the CIIP become eligible for Vanuatu Citizenship and passport which in addition to providing an almost tax-free domicile, offers visa-free or visa-upon-arrival to over 100+ countries throughout Asia, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Oceania, and the Caribbean. A long-term visa to Australia is also available via an e-visa application process.

As investors can include their spouses and children, this investment is suitable as an option to secure a family’s future with Citizenship of an ecologically pristine, crime-free, and peaceful haven. Vanuatu citizenship is for life and can be passed to future generations. There is no minimum residency or language requirement and as the only citizenship program to operate in the Asia Pacific region, Vanuatu comes as a well-received citizenship-by-investment destination with plenty of advantages.

James E. Harris, Special Advisor, Office of the Minister for Climate Change remarked, “As a so-called Small Islands Developing State (SIDS), the global leadership role assumed by Vanuatu in climate change advocacy has garnered the country much international admiration and support. This leadership extends to driving innovation and climate finance to Vanuatu with the ambition to position Vanuatu as a sustainable hub for the Pacific, and to seek out and collaborate with countries such as Thailand who share Vanuatu’s ambitions in ‘green economy’ development.”

Robin Kapapa, Chairman of the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission commented, “Channeling foreign investment through the country’s well-established citizenship program is a bold innovation by the Vanuatu government, enabling the country to attract a new class of investors from across the world and create a strata of committed and long-term foreign direct investment (FDI) into Vanuatu’s circular economy. With this, we can demonstrate the real value-add of Citizens through our CIIP investment-linked program.”

“Having the privilege to introduce the CIIP – CNO Future Fund is a moment of immense pride for me. As the Trade Commissioner for Vanuatu to Thailand in Bangkok and COO for VIMB, I deeply believe in the potential of this initiative. It represents not just fiscal growth, but a transformational step towards inclusive societal betterment in Vanuatu. Every stratum of our society stands to gain from this visionary endeavor, reaffirming our commitment to holistic and sustainable progress,” commented Mr. Daniel Agius, Trade Commissioner for Vanuatu to Thailand in Bangkok and COO for VIMB. Operating internationally since 2017, the Vanuatu Investment Marketing Bureau (VIMB) has earned a prominent position among professional service providers in Vanuatu. With headquarters in Vanuatu and additional offices in Port Vila, Singapore, Dubai, and London, VIMB is designated by the government as an agent for Vanuatu’s citizenship by investment program, contributing significantly to the country’s ongoing development.

“We are truly honored to take our partnership with the VIMB further to support the world’s first-ever sustainability-linked citizenship-by-investment program. This collaboration will have a positive impact on the country of Vanuatu, its citizens, and the world. The initiative will strengthen the image and credibility of the program. It will also set the gold standard of what any citizenship-by-investment program must

include: to promote environmental and social responsibility while offering opportunities for individuals to obtain citizenship,” commented Mr. Bastien Trelcat, Global Partner of Harvey Law Group (HLG). Harvey Law Group (HLG), a globally renowned multinational law firm specialising in residency and citizenship by investment, is recognised for offering more than 30 comprehensive investment immigration programs. With its headquarters in Hong Kong and a presence in 20 offices, HLG has guided thousands of families through their transformative journeys, successfully helping them immigrate to their second home. The firm has been actively promoting the Vanuatu citizenship program since 2016.

In summary, the Vanuatu investment-backed Capital Investment Immigration Program (CIIP) is the first sustainable citizenship program in the world. It blends perfectly the attributes of Vanuatu as an attractive option for second citizenship, with a compelling investment opportunity in Vanuatu’s ambitious goals to be a sustainable hub and role model for the entire Pacific region. Learn more about Vanuatu Citizenship-by-investment program at

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