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Gourmet Market presents 'Tastival'

A complete selection of delicious dining experiences is presented during "Gourmet Tastival" which is running at five branches of Gourmet Market and Gourmet Eats at Emporium, EmQuartier, Paragon, The Mall Thapra and The Mall Ngamwongwan, until Dec 8.

The festival gathers the ultimate high-quality ingredients, rare delicacy shops, famous restaurants with popular chefs, and trendy shops from every corner of the world.

On offer at the Gourmet Market are a number of rare premium items for those who love to cook, such as Jamon Iberico de Bellota which is one of the most expensive ham from the South of Spain; premium-grade Polmard beef from France; Giaveri golden sterlet caviar; armoured searobin or deep-water ray-finned fish; and oysters from Ireland and France.

Other highlights include Erborinato Sancarlone caffè in crosta, a local blue cheese from Novara in Italy; Robiola due latti mini, a mixed milk cheese from Italy; Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP, a premium balsamic vinegar from Italy; and My Heart grapes from Korea.

Ready to please all foodies at Gourmet Eats are signature dishes including tomahawk steak from Phakao by chef Jah; premium baked crab and crab roe with glass noodle from Somsak Baked Crab; Madako (sashimi grade cooked red octopus) from Gindaco shop in Japan; traditional phad Thai from Thip Samai Phad Thai Pratu Phee; and lychee tea from Cha Tra Mue.

There are also exclusive recipes cooked for this festival only. They include egg noodle with stewed beef and smoked dino short ribs from Thep Nakhon restaurant; Philly cheese Angus beef from Smoked By Chef Pam; khao moo kua fai kai dao (rice stir-fried pork topped with fried egg) from Khon Chong Khon Prung restaurant; and a set of nine best-selling Thai sweets from Kanom Thai Kao Pi Nong.

Also expect to indulge in delectable dishes by rare restaurant gems that have a pop-up at the You Hunt We Cook counter.

Photos courtesy of The Mall Group

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