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Jolly vibe at 'Gaysorn Christmas Village 2023'

As a yearly tradition, Gaysorn Village has undergone a festive makeover to bring extra cheer to the year-end festivities.

With the theme of ‘Salute Your Chosen Star’, the ‘Gaysorn Christmas Village 2023’ draws inspiration from the Bethlehem Star atop the Christmas tree and a dash of disco culture. The ‘Gaysorn Christmas Village 2023,’ collaboratively crafted with ‘American Express,’ runs until Jan 7.

The seasonal decor has been organised into four distinctive zones. Firstly, the BTS skywalk link to Gaysorn has been transformed into the Milky Way, drawing inspiration from the story of the Bethlehem Star in the Bible. This reinterpretation symbolises stars as guiding forces towards one’s desired way of life, with each star and path having its own inherent beauty. The Milky Way is adorned with numerous constellations and Santa Claus, showcasing dance moves inspired by ‘The Disco Finger’ from the 70s. This section reflects the spirit of individuality, encouraging everyone to seek and celebrate their own guiding star.

At Gaysorn Village’s atrium, different stars converge as the ‘mirror ball’ constellation, radiating light and infusing a sense of fun.

At the Cocoon Walk, find the ‘Nebula’ group of stars that glow beautifully in the sky. These stars come together to form a large star and eventually return to being ‘Nebula’ again, reflecting the concept of constant rebirth.

Finally, the Cocoon Bar and Courtyard is where everyone can revel under the twinkling stars along with Santa Claus and elves.

Gaysorn Village not only offers many festive photo-ops during the ‘Gaysorn Christmas Village 2023’ but also provides numerous exclusive privileges for American Express cardholders throughout the event period.

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