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Cos launches relocated Emquartier store with green ethos

Cos, a London-based fashion brand under the H&M umbrella, has recently launched an enhanced shopping experience at its newly repositioned EmQuartier store.

The store reopening coincided with the drop of Cos Autumn/Winter 2023 menswear and womenswear collections on Aug 25, but you may also want to check it out for its sustainable yet stylish interior design.

Designed and supported by the brand’s in-house sustainability ethos and built by environment specialists, the new store marks the second in the Asia-Pacific to adopt a more sustainable concept, featuring carefully considered materials and innovative design solutions.

Embodying Cos’ commitment to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and maximising its interior’s lifecycle, the new setting engages the senses through spatial techniques and playful use of light and colour. Bamboo replaces hardwoods for wooden fixtures, owing to its renewable qualities and superior carbon dioxide storage compared to traditional timbers. From vitrine display cases, mannequins and low-carbon aluminium rail systems, to terrazzo flooring and polyester felt cladding, these materials contain recycled content, each selected for ease of maintenance, repair or repurposing.

The façade showcases the beauty of clay sourced locally while the interior furnishings are crafted in collaboration with local artists and designers. In a partnership with Bangkok’s Thinkk Studio, founded by Decha Archjananun and Ploypan Theerachai, coffee tables incorporate crab shells from local food production, minimising waste.

Additionally, organic lighting fixtures are designed by Robert Sukrachand, an NYC and Chiang Mai-based furniture designer, and created from offcut stone pieces by artisans in Saraburi. These distinctive works sit stylishly alongside furniture from further afield, including timeless designs the COS team has lovingly reused, such as vintage Italian chairs.

It opens daily from 10am-10pm. More info at th.cos.com.

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