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HometechTCCtech set to offer smart tech solutions

TCCtech set to offer smart tech solutions

TCC Technology (TCCtech), the data centre service arm of the conglomerate TCC Group, is expanding its business to offer smart technology solutions, with the aim of becoming a digital transformation enabler for businesses.

“In the constantly shifting landscape driven by economic, geopolitical, and technological factors, businesses face an uphill battle to not only survive but to thrive by adapting, innovating and transforming,” Waleeporn Sayasit, general manager of TCCtech, told the Bangkok Post.

The company is also transforming itself by expanding to offer smart solutions, including robotic process automation, mainly to smart building/property and smart retail and logistics sectors, to serve organisations which need to reduce the repetitive tasks carried out by their employees and increase productivity.

Ms Waleeporn added that the company uses its expertise to support TCC Group businesses, including the company’s new property office building projects, and other customers in its ecosystem.

The existing data centre and cloud ervice is still its core business, but the company has focused more on diversifying business to offer turnkey solutions.

Teerapan Luengnaruemitchai, managing director of TCCtech, added that the company needs to go beyond tech infrastructure and offer a comprehensive approach by leveraging various tech solutions to expand value creation. In this era, being “smart” is not just an option, but is a necessity for survival.

Moreover, the company sees the businesses as moving away from relying solely on central data centres to decentralising their capabilities.

This shift allows organisations to better add value to their customers by tapping into local expertise, consulting, and building outsourcing resources and customised solutions tailored to customers’ specific needs.

Customers are increasingly adopting a partial process transformation model by adopting specific elements of process, which allows for a more tailored and cost-effective approach.

Pipit Jariyavattanavijit, deputy managing director of TCCtech, said customers are moving away from generic, “on-shelf” services to more personalised offerings.

“By leveraging data and technology, we help our customers achieve the personalisation at scale, which is becoming essential for their businesses to provide a higher service level, a consistent and cohesive user experience and to meet their customer expectations,” he said.

Ms Waleeporn added that businesses need to attract young talent who prioritise sustainability and the impact on the world. Embracing technology is not just about smart solutions, but is also about creating a better community and accelerating towards a net-zero future.

“By embracing digital transformation, adapting to changing business models, and staying customer-centric, organisations can thrive in this dynamic environment. Resilience, personalisation, and a forward-thinking approach will be the keys to success,” Ms Waleeporn said.

According to data analytics provider Creden, TCCtech revenue in 2022 grew 8.14% to more than 1.52 billion baht, while profit declined 4.2% to around 83 million baht.

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